Casio CTK-100 - Thrift find

Casio CTK-100 keyboard I picked up at a thrift shop for $20.

It wasn't the keyboard I was looking for, but I ended up buying a Casio CTK-100 for a project I'm working on.

Owncloud backup server on Ubuntu 14.04

Logged into Owncloud for the first time

Steps I followed to get Owncloud 10.0.0 installed on a home server running Ubuntu 14.04.

From RIP-Off to basic Steam machine


Computer sales and service are like any industry, there are honest players and crooks. Every once in a while someone brings in a non-functioning computer with a story about how they bought it off someone and have no warranty. This is one of those stories, one that we think ends happy.

Linux CLI - Listing media files across multiple drives (KODI)

Screen capture of the results of our ls command

Our KODI entertainment system currently houses 3 hard drives with media spread across all 3 drives. Two issues have arisen from having media spread across three drives. First, it's hard to get a sense of all the media, despite the fact the media is organized into directories with names like Bluray_TV (for Bluray Television Shows we've bought). Second, it's a bit more difficult to back up. The second problem is solved by buying larger drives: 3 x 6TB drives are on my list. I've always had good luck with Seagate drives (I might be charmed). The first problem is solvable using ls, some switches, and piping that to sort and uniq.

Configuring and using a Radio Shack Game pad 26-8010 in Xubuntu 16.04

Radio Shack game pad Cat No. 26-8010

While it's nice to have a wireless game controller like the XBox 360 controller to wirelessly control games, if you're on a really tight budget there are a lot of inexpensive USB game pads ($5-$10 range) can be found all over the place these days. Recently our refurbishing project had an old Radio Shack 26-8010 controller dropped off to us. As it turns out the RS 26-8010 works on Xubuntu/Ubuntu 16.04 without a whole lot of effort.


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