Hardware upgrades (tank) and switch to Xubuntu 18.04

  • Posted on: 2 October 2018
  • By: charm

Over the past couple of months I've been swapping hardware and and out of my daily desktop computer: tank. The last drive setup involved two Samsung 120GB SSDs in a striped RAID array (Ubuntu 16.04) and a 1TB Western Digital Blue (Windows 10). The setup was annoying both from a hardware and software perspective. One of the SSDs was situated below the 1TB hard drive while the other was mounted below a Blu-ray drive. Part of the reason for this odd setup was the configuration of the Antec Three Hundred Two case.

[Linux] Xubuntu 18.04 Bionic Beaver available @ Computer Recycling

  • Posted on: 19 August 2018
  • By: charm
Network boot screen

The Computer Recycling Project at The Working Centre is happy to announce we now have Xubuntu 18.04 Bionic Beaver available on our PXE network installer. If you're in the Kitchener/Waterloo area and need Xubuntu installed, please feel free to drop by. This form of installation is particularly useful for those who don't have a DVD drive. We've also got older images, including some that work with Pentium M-based architecture.

[Linux] Ubuntu Linux 16.04 reinstall on tank

  • Posted on: 17 August 2018
  • By: charm
Fresh install of Ubuntu 16.04.5

I've been running Ubuntu 18.04 for a little while on my main desktop computer. I really haven't had any issues with it except for the constant running out of space on the SSD when ripping Blu-ray media (Ubuntu was installed on a 120GB SSD). Here are the steps I've taken so far after installing Ubuntu 16.04:

Update the system

sudo apt update

sudo apt upgrade

I then plugged back in my 1TB hard drive. Windows 10 lives on that drive. I booted Ubuntu and updated grub so it would recognize the Windows partitions on the drive:

Work desktop .conkyrc

  • Posted on: 25 May 2018
  • By: charm

I recently changed up my desktop system at work for an almost "stock" Gateway DX4860-EF11P (I changed the graphics card). The system I had prior was overkill for what I use my desktop for and was better suited as a server (it had 32GB of RAM). The Gateway is powered by a Core i5 processor and is powerful in its own right. The exact specs are:

Processor: Intel Core i5-2320 @ 3.30GHz (4 Cores)
Motherboard: Gateway IPISB-VR v1.01
Memory: 8192MB
Disk: 500GB Western Digital WD5000AAKX-7 + 250GB Portable
Graphics: NVIDIA Quadro K2000 2048MB (954/2000MHz)


Fedora 28 Torrents

  • Posted on: 11 May 2018
  • By: charm
Front page of the Fedora Linux distribution web site

I'm a torrent kind of guy. Torrenting makes a lot of sense for distribution of Linux distributions, share the load among torrenters so the servers don't have to work as hard. It frustrates me a bit when I can't find a torrent for a particular Linux distribution. I'm a bit puzzled as to why a project as big as the Fedora Linux project wouldn't mention Torrent links below their download section. Does the project think it's going to make Red Hat look bad?