[General] Update August 28, 2018

  • Posted on: 28 August 2018
  • By: charm
Ubuntu 18.04 back on my home workstation

[Ubuntu, Home Workstation]

Back on the 17th of this month I posted about my install of Ubuntu 16.04 on my main home workstation. When I did the installation I only installed to one of the two 120GB SSD drives I have installed in my desktop. I also forgot to set up the initial drive using LVM (logical volume management). Other than the few programs I mentioned on the 17th I had very little installed on my system, and what I needed I have backed up on a 2TB external drive. Although I need an Ubuntu 16.04 installation to compile the Ubuntu version of Fasteroids I decided to install Ubuntu 18.04 as my workstation desktop. It boiled down to a couple of things:

  • Now that I have over 200GB of storage 1 or 2 virtual machines is possible without taking up all my storage (so I can just install 16.04 in a VM).
  • I have a very old laptop I can install 16.04 on. Lately I find I prefer to develop on my laptop because it allows me to work anywhere I can plug in.

When I installed Ubuntu 16.04 I installed from DVD media. Installing from DVD media always takes a lot longer than installing from USB (flash) media, so I downloaded 18.04 and used the startup disk creator in Ubuntu 16.04 to make the USB key.

At some point I read that Ubuntu 18.04 doesn't have an option for installing using LVM. This didn't seem to be the case when I installed, I found an LVM option, but before finding the option I installed gparted, used gparted to create two physical and logical volume groups and then merged the groups together. There's a good article on the subject at Stack Exchange: https://serverfault.com/questions/692724/how-can-i-create-one-large-partiton-over-two-drives-in-centos. Although the article mentions CentOS it works for Ubuntu.

At some point I'd like to replace both with a 500GB+ SSD, but I think I should be happy with this setup for the next year or so. For the moment I haven't completed the last step of plugging the Windows 1TB drive back in and running update-grub and grub-install, but it will happen when I feel the need to use that partition again.

I also took the computer out to the balcony and gave it a good dusting using a couple of mostly-drained bottles of compressed air. At some point I need to bring my workstation down to Computer Recycling to give it a real dusting with our anti-static electronics vacuum/air-compressor.


Since releasing Fasteroids here I haven't worked on it directly. Indirectly I've been laying the groundwork for a lot of changes.

  • First, I plan to also release an Ubuntu version. I considered releasing a Mac OS X version, but I ran into some snags that make me think I might need a paid Apple developer account, and at this point I'm not willing to do that for this initial game (yes, that means I'm already thinking about other games).
  • Fasteroids was developed using GameMaker Studio 1.4. At one point I brought in the code into GameMaker Studio 2, but it failed to compile. At that point I thought I might just continue development in 1.4. But I've decided to redo Fasteroids in GameMaker Studio 2.x because I also plan on including more options, more enemies, and more bugfixes.
  • Thank you to RickD, Carloskhard, and Electric Donkey (link is to Youtube review) for their feedback of the current state of Fasteroids.
  • I've been watching videos on GMS 2.x, animation and sprite design. Although I haven't opened GameMaker Studio on my laptop since the last upload to the web site I'm not ignoring GameMaker. As many of you know I work full time and have a family that doesn't like being at home, so the time I have for Fasteroids development, Linux tutorials/posts, and anything computer-related is pretty small. But I'm commiting to a new version. I'm planning on reducing some hours at work which will mean a bit more work on Fasteroids. This won't last long (reduced hours) but it should be enough for me to develop a serious habit again.
  • I need to rethink Game controller support a bit. I like games with full game controller support and Fasteroids currently has partial game controller support. You can't type your name in for a high score unless you use a keyboard.
  • Steam ... I'd like to release Fasteroids on Steam eventually, but I'm not there yet. This is mostly just time available to learn and dedication.

More updates soon. I plan on getting back to coding tomorrow.