Download (Windows)

Fasteroids is a modern redo of the 1979 Atari game Asteroids. For a history of how Fasteroids got started click here.

NOTE: Both downloads now contain self-executing programs, no more installing needed! Windows may block the .exe because it's an executable file. As always you should scan every file you download from any site to ensure they're not hacked/infected.

Game Play

Angle your ship using the left and right arrow keys. Press the up arrow key to thrust and move forward. Be careful not to move too quick, you may not be able to stop in time before colliding with an asteroid. Space bar fires. Destroy the large asteroids. Large asteroids break into small asteroids. Destroy the small asteroids. After the first 4 rounds destroying the small asteroids results in those splitting into tiny asteroids. Small and tiny asteroids are worth more points than large asteroids. Large asteroids are worth 50 points. Small asteroids are worth 75 points. Tiny asteroids are worth 100 points.

Planets also appear and move randomly around the screen. These planets look more faded than asteroids because they are a great distance away. You can safely traverse over the spot a planet is in (since it's really in the distance) without dying. Planets are more round than asteroids.

Periodically a UFO will appear and stream across the screen. UFOs can shoot you and asteroids. UFOs also periodically crash into asteroids. If a UFO shoots an asteroid or crashes into it you don't get any points for the UFO or the asteroid. UFOs you destroy are worth 1000 points.

As you progress to further waves the number of asteroids that spawn increases.

Game Controller

Fasteroids was tested with a wireless XBox 360 controller on Windows 10. I tried to add "full" controller support, meaning that the controller also works for navigating the menus. It's not explicitly stated on some of the screens but the 'X' button on the controller will exit out of a menu (it is shown on the How to play). I chose to use the Dpad controller since it felt a bit more precise. Dpad left and right angles the ship those respective directions. Dpad up causes the ship to thrust forward. Both the 'B' button and the bottom right trigger button can be used to fire. (I found hitting B to fire tiring after awhile). I prefer keyboard controls, but I added game controller support with a future SteamOS/Linux version in mind.


While all the artwork, coding and sound effects were done by me, the title music is I dunno, by grapes, licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution (3) license. You can download the music from: